Sketches: ink, pencil, ink wash, fineliner, drawings of the faces, hands and nudes.
Female nude mixed media
female nude back, ink
mixed media
mixed media
female nude sketch
Female nude, charcoal drawings, ink, pencil, digital collage
dark selfie
 fineliner drawing on the paper Boris Novak sketch03 
fineliner drawing on the paper
fineliner drawing on the paper Boris Novak
pointillistic drawing fineliner Boris Novak
study self portrait sketch indian ink on paper
indian ink drawing self portrait Boris Novak 
Pencil drawing on the paper self portrait study Boris Novak 
 ink wash on paper drawing of a girl small
Girl from Amsterdam
love act man woman ink drawing
Pentel brush pen wash on paper Male Act Front Study Boris Novak
Siting Male Nude Drawing Ink Wash Boris Novak