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moon in the pond

Days are short, I get out half of an hour before sunset not to miss the show if there comes one, often t’s cloudy.
When I bike back through the young night, sometimes I stop to make a shot, most of them are pixelated or blurry but sometimes got results as good as this moon reflecting in the water.
Photo is 100% genuine I’m saying this cause moon detail is so perfect that I would doubt this photo if I saw it by someone else. 

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forest with a view

I bike here in the day time, it’s so beautiful like some kind of sunglasses for the soul. But as days are getting shorter I came here few days ago in the evening, actually in the forest it was already night, I thought I know this place so good as my own pocked so I continued to bike.
The path was covered with the leaves, light of my bike was just illuminating tiny circle in front of my wheel, the intense smell of the misty wood the sounds of the birds and rustling of the rabbits I suppose they were rabbits I could not see so it could be what ever escaping from my route and me loosing the path all the time. As much I loved it I could not imagine I forgot the curves of the road I should follow. 

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Once this was my paradise.

OK this is one of these photos which will pass hardly noticed but this is an inportant place in my life. 

Once this was my paradise.
Playing in this very park in front our apartment. It was the whole world for me than. Now I’m just visitor here and yet big smile when I came along.
Not much is changed the house looks same and even trees are there as they where once, the skating pool, little hill where we would luge all day long, hiding places, playground and the paths my friends and me would run and the magical Prague centre just few tram station from here.
What a place!

When I finally came here after 47 years I had feeling all children living around this tiny park must feel so fortunate and happy, same as I did. 

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walking in the main road

One of these days with one of these scenes, multiplied by millions on the Flickr.

I do not know what got in to me, I have made hundreds photos of these sunsets in Split, I mean I love sunsets and sunrises and every minute of this life but point is, if you really want to say something to the world, than you have to find the words (images) which will resonate, the words which will say something so particular that it will have profound impact, words which will represent and reflect the beautiful sunshine of your own soul.
Walking with the crowd in the main road, chanting same song, does not have a voice.

I know you will kill me after reading this but have a mercy, this is about me, not you.
… and do not worry tomorrow I’ll be back with another sunset ? 

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